The Best Of E3 For A Casual Gamer

The Best Of E3 For A Casual Gamer.png

This post will be updated daily until E3 is over.

I’m what you would probably call a casual gamer. I play games a lot, and I have been playing them as long as I can remember. I started with the Super Nintendo in the 1990s and currently own 6+ consoles. But I’d still consider myself a casual gamer, mostly because I don’t game daily, or even weekly.

Instead I have what I call “video game phases” where I get utterly obsessed with video games. I’m in the middle of one now -- I am playing Nier Automata for the first time and I just got the first ending. Actually, I’d say that this is my favorite game I’ve played… ever.

But unlike hardcore gamers, every announcement at E3 doesn’t mean something to me. I often have to look up games that are being referenced during other announcements. But I absolutely love games, and so I want to share the news and announcements I’m most excited about, as a kind-of-casual-gamer.

Fallout 76

I am not a big fan of shooting games, but I love the Fallout series. The third game has easily been my favorite. As you may imagine, I was pumped to hear an unexpected announcement about a new Fallout game.

It’s a prequel to all the other games and it’s going to be huge (and man, Fallout games are already huge). You play as some of the first people to leave the vaults to enter the wasteland. GAH!

But the game is online. You can play solo, but I just hate online multiplayer games. I’m really, quite bad at video games, so my lack of skills being displayed to the public makes me unhappy. I’m just glad it’s not only a PC game since I certainly don’t have a computer that can handle a Fallout title.

Oh and it comes out IN NOVEMBER!

Elder Scrolls 6

All we know is that it exists, but yay, it exists!


It’s a new franchise by Bethesda (yay) and it looks like it will take place in space (yay). It’s going to be single player, thank goodness. The graphics look beautiful. I’m hoping there will be a lot of planet exploring, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Cyberpunk 2077

So, this game looks extremely cool. The graphics look beautiful, and the game looks really interesting, but I am a bit hesitant because it is being developed by some of the staff that created The Witcher 3. People loved that game, but I just couldn’t get into it. I’ll have to play a demo or rent this one before I buy it, to make sure it’s worth me dropping a bunch of money on.

Sea Of Solitude

This game from EA looks like it’s going to be completely beautiful and heartbreaking. The story focuses on a woman who is so sad and lonely that she is turned into a monster. The trailer looks really interesting. The game looks somewhat surreal and I’m loving the style. It comes out in 2019 and I really wanna pick it up.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

I’ve talked about the Life is Strange series before and so hearing that a new game by the same developers caught my attention.

And then, it was announced the choices you make in this short, free game will have a direct impact on Life is Strange 2. The data from this standalone game will transfer to the Life is Strange sequel once it has been released.

It’s giving us a look at the world of Life is Strange 2, the new powers that will be in the game, and the world outside of Arcadia Bay. Who knows what hints we’ll find for the next game in this demo? I’m so excited!

Ghost of Tsushima

I love Japan, I love beautiful graphics, and this game has both. I also absolutely love sword fighting in games so it’s nice to see here. The game is absolutely gorgeous, so I am excited to try it when it comes out.


The art for this game looks very interesting, but not much has been revealed about it except that you play as a wanderer on a foreign planet. I love games like this, so I need to update my computer situation before this title drops.