NaNoWriMo Begins

Today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month, and also the first blog post of my new blog on my new website! I initially started to set all of this up right before my wedding (which, as you can imagine, was a huge mistake). So now that I am a married woman and am back from my honeymoon, it only makes sense that I get back to my writing work. Too bad that time has to be during NaNo.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done NaNo now. I think I’m on year eight. I very distinctly remember my first year participating in NaNo, though. I’d found out about it several days into November, and I had heard there was a write in event at the Borders about 20 minutes from my house. I hadn’t been feeling well and wasn’t in the mood to go out, especially because I didn’t know anyone else going to this event and I am painfully shy. Despite this I forced myself to get up and head to the event. At that event I met tons of people, some of which I still talk to now all these years later. And I also began, and completed, my first novel. And no, no one can see it. I don’t even want my wife to read it. It was very, very bad.

I’ve started drafts of 6 different novels for NaNo. That’s why this year I had planned to work on a Death Note fanfiction while I spent time editing an older novel that I hope to start querying by this upcoming summer. That was before I was struck by a very sudden, overpowering idea. I’ll go into this project more in another blog post, but I’m writing about a fantasy I have had my entire life; entering a fictional world.

I’ll only be hosting four write ins this year, one every week on Monday evenings. I think one year I averaged 2-3 a week, in terms of hosting. I like hosting  but last year it felt a bit draining. I can’t say why, really. Maybe I’m just sick of planning things after all my planning for the wedding (though this seems unlike me). Either way I decided to scale it back, since it was becoming more stressful than fun.

A lot of things have changed since I first started NaNo. I got my BA in English from UW-Milwaukee. I got my first job, which I am still at, in my field as a copywriter. I traveled to London, Boston, Florida, London again, Paris, Toronto, and Hawaii. Travel is a huge inspiration for me for world building and I hope to do more of it. I started talking to a woman regularly that became my wife. All of these experiences have helped my writing, and now I am ready to start really putting in the work to get my stories out there to the world.

People often ask authors why they write. My answer is the reason I have so much trouble with going back to edit work, actually. I write because I have stories to tell. I have ideas that are laid out clearly in my mind that I need to get down. I want to write stories that move people, that people can relate to, and that inspire them. And I have so many ideas that I just want to keep writing, not editing.

If you are doing NaNo, good luck, and keep writing!