FanFact - A Novel by April Presnell

Clara’s life is fairly unremarkable. She goes to school, is preparing for college, and spends her free time writing fanfiction about Liam and Blane, her ship in the popular Hierarchy Of Magic book series.

But everything changes when she discovers the world from the Hierarchy of Magic, including Liam and Blane, is all real. Not only is it real, but she’s stumbled into the world in the middle of the soon to be released, final book in the series. Her knowledge of the series is a big advantage for not only Liam, but the reigning Hierarchy Party, who seeks to dispose of any magician who does not fall into line. And Liam is the biggest target of all.

But how much of Clara’s knowledge is helpful versus a hindrance? Who can be trusted? And are Liam and Blane really falling for each other? As Clara gets swept up into the politics and danger of this magical world, she can’t help but she meant to be a part of the story, or is her presence the force that will make Liam, and everyone except a select few, lose everything?


Seeking Utopia - Part 1 of 3, a Trilogy by April Presnell

The cracks in the world had always been there, snaking up buildings, climbing tree trunks, and forming along the ground. They’ve always glowed, always emitted a slight warmth, and have always been growing. They’re a part of daily life that no one thinks to question.

Felicity, though, has always been fascinated by the cracks. So when she gets the opportunity to explore one, without anyone watching, she takes it.

What she finds is a gateway into a world completely unlike her own. It is a world of humans who have mutated to survive. And they have cracks too, leading to even more worlds, each with their own structure, people, and laws.

But these other worlds are not all safe, and neither is Mel, the beautiful, dangerous woman that Felicity has no choice but to involve herself with. As Felicity and Mel travel from one world to the next, they find themselves in a battle just to survive. And the more places they go, the more Felicity sees that there is something not quite right about these cracks, and that they may be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.