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A Visit to the Floating Bookstore of Venice

Have you been to the most beautiful bookstore in the world?


Libreria acqua alta, the self-proclaimed most beautiful bookstore in the world, really does live up to its name. This beautiful bookstore in Venice, Italy may not technically “floating”, but the entire city is.

Due to the occasional flooding of this canal-side bookshop, stacks of books are stored in gondolas, bathtubs, and other boats to keep the books from being destroyed. The effect is mesmerizing. The small shop is packed with books in every nook and cranny -- in fact when my wife and I went for a visit, there was a line just to get inside!

The owner has also taken the time to create some fun instagram worthy backdrops. My favorite was the book staircase, which is built outside the shop. Climb to the top and you get a beautiful view of the canals.


Another outdoor room features walls of books, providing you with a great backdrop for photos. By far the favorite spot in the bookstore was the gondola parked outside in the canal, where you could sit for photos.

I enjoyed the photos I took but more than that, I enjoyed simply sitting in the gondola, listening to the water lap against the boat and watching people cross bridges along the water.

venice 6.jpg

But it’s not just a spot for photos. There’s a huge selection of books, including some in English. They also carry beautiful bookmarks, postcards, and other similar items that make for great souvenirs for your book-loving friends.

The floating bookstore was definitely a highlight of my trip to Venice, and one of my favorite bookstores I’ve ever visited. What’s the most unique bookshop you’ve ever been to?

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