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FanFact - An Excerpt

Clara’s life is fairly unremarkable. She goes to school, prepares for college, and spends her free time writing fanfiction about Liam and Blane, her ship in the popular Hierarchy Of Magic book series.

But everything changes when she discovers the world from the Hierarchy of Magic, including Liam and Blane, is all real. Not only is it real, but she’s stumbled into the world in the middle of the soon to be released, final book in the series. Her knowledge of the series is a big advantage for not only Liam, but the reigning Hierarchy Party, who seeks to dispose of any magician who doesn’t fall into line. And Liam is the biggest target of all.

But how much of Clara’s knowledge is helpful versus a hinderance? Who can be trusted? And are Liam and Blane really falling for each other? As Clara gets swept up into the politics and danger of this magical world, she can’t help but wonder...is she meant to be a part of the story, or is her presence the force that will make Liam, and everyone except a select few, lose everything?


Hello everyone! Today I’m super excited to present you with an excerpt of the first chapter of FanFact, my novel that is currently in development. For those of you who subscribe to my email newsletter you already know a bit about this world. For some of you, this will be brand new! No matter who you are I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into my upcoming novel.

If you want to read more, all email subscribers receive access to a bonus short story titled Before The After. This short story focuses on Liam and Blane within the context of The Hierarchy Of Magic book series that is mentioned in this excerpt.

Okay that’s enough from me. Enjoy!




The spray from the ocean had left me damp, the cold water seeping through my clothes and chilling my skin. Goosebumps rose along my arms as I peered into the cave. It was dark, but not impossible to see inside. The ocean was licking at my feet, so I slipped in through the cave opening and onto relatively dry land.

I pulled my phone from my bag and flipped on the flashlight app, pointing it at the cave wall. A grin broke across my face. The image of runes, the ones that Liam had discovered when he first found this place in the books, had been drawn here. My fingers reached out, brushing the runes carefully. The stone was rough and sharp. I had no idea how the images had been created. It didn’t look like spray paint, but I wasn’t sure what else could have formed patterns like this.

I leaned back against the cave wall. There was something magical about this place, and it wasn’t just the runes that a fan had drawn on the walls. It was something in the air. Maybe it was simply the sense of how completely alone I was. For all I knew there was someone looking over the ocean above me right now. But here, in this small, isolated cave, there was nothing. No people, no distractions, and no sound save the roaring ocean outside.

I could see why Liam sat here to think. The ability to be left alone, completely uninterrupted, allowed your thoughts to flow freely.

I wanted to come back when I had more time. I’d not exactly come dressed for exploring caves or swimming. I made my way back out through the opening, grimacing as the cold water rushed into my shoes.

It took all my concentration to scramble back up the rocks towards flat ground. That was probably was why it took me so long to notice that something felt different. The rocks were still rough and tall, but in a different configuration. The ocean was darker than I remembered, the clouds angrier in the sky. The air itself felt… charged.  As if a lightning storm was imminent. With my attention on not breaking my neck, however, I didn’t notice any of this.

Until I saw the building.